Are you in the thick of things as a parent of a child who displays challenging behaviors? Parenting can be physically and emotionally draining, but it can be especially difficult if your child meets criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If this sounds like you, Mindfulness & the ADHD Parent: Cultivating Calm and Building Connection by Dr Nicole Andreoli is the book for you.
This book offers a wealth of knowledge that you can use to help your child navigate the challenging behaviors associated with ADHD. The author, a psychologist with years of experience working with children who struggle with mental illness and behavioral challenges, shares her expertise and offers practical advice and guidance for parents.
The book starts by divulging a secret: you are not alone. ADHD is a highly prevalent disorder, meaning that there are a host of individuals and families struggling with managing these challenging behaviors. Dr Andreoli stresses that the repercussions of ADHD are far reaching. The affected child may be struggling academically and behaviorally, but their parents, siblings and other close relationships may also be affected.
The book explains how the effects of ADHD disrupts the dynamic of the family, causes chaos, and lurks behind the scenes of our eating and sleeping schedules. It makes itself known in settings where behavioral disturbances are inappropriate, such as in church, on playdates, and while eating out. The author offers practical advice and guidance for parents on how to manage these situations.
The book also emphasizes the powerful role that mindfulness plays in parenting. A mindful parenting style involves being less reactive to our children’s behaviors and instead responding thoughtfully. This type of intentional reaction is about being present and pausing so that you can respond instead of reacting.
Dr Andreoli’s experience working as a psychologist with children and their families who struggled both with behavioral challenges are documented in this book. Dr Andreoli observed that mindfulness had a positive impact on both the parents and children.
Mindfulness & the ADHD Parent: Cultivating Calm and Building Connection is not intended to serve as a substitute for the services of a mental health professional. Still, it is an invaluable resource for parents who are looking for practical advice and guidance on how to navigate the challenges associated with parenting a child with ADHD.